Business model

Develop, build and own business model

Toivo's business model covers the entire life cycle of a residential property from start to finish. In the first stage of the business model the company acts as a plot developer, in the next stage a housing constructor and in the last stage as the owner of the apartments. Of this life cycle, Toivo gets a development margin, construction margin and ownership margin. So, the result of Toivo’s business consists of three entities.

Plot developer

In the first stage, Toivo acts as the plot developer. Toivo looks for plots that match its strategy in the Helsinki, Tampere and Turku regions. Toivo develops most of its local city plans. In the development stage, Toivo analyses the market and carries out research. The most important part of the development stage is the mathematical control of selected projects. The company receives a development margin in the plot development stage.

Housing constructor

In the second stage, Toivo acts as a housing constructor. Toivo builds apartments on the plots it has developed. Dwellings are built according to Toivo’s own living concept. The first stage of construction is applying for a building permit. The second stage is construction. The company receives a construction margin in the housing construction stage.

Apartment owner

In the third stage, Toivo acts as the owner of the apartments it developed and built. Toivo leases and manages its apartments through Asuntomestarit. Toivo’s properties have no estate agents or tenant managers. The company receives an ownership margin in the ownership stage.

The development margin, construction margin and ownership margin represent Toivo’s overall margin.


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