Toivo as a company

Toivo develops, builds and owns the most fantastic homes in Finland

Toivo Group Oyj is a real estate company with focus on property development and long-term property ownership. Toivo invests in real estate and land with the purpose of owning them for up to fifty years.

Toivo's plot development and housing construction includes project development, planning and construction, as well as renting the properties it owns to both consumers and businesses. The apartments owned by Toivo are attractive, modern and affordable and are mainly located in the Helsinki, Tampere and Turku regions. Toivo’s own team handles the entire life cycle of the property from undeveloped land to lease negotiations and property management. Toivo tries to combine the best construction engineering solution with user experience and consider sustainability and environmental aspects in its properties.


“Everything in Toivo begins with the customer and the environment. We want to offer Finland's best rental homes and tenant experience. We develop an environmentally friendly and improving housing business for our customers’ needs. We aim to eliminate customers’ housing problems and make daily life better for our customers.”

Some of Toivo’s properties

Helsingin Viikin Loisto
Location: Helsinki, Viikinmäki
Completion date: March 2020
Apartments: 26
Fair value: some EUR 5.0 million
Development margin: 73%
Development profit: EUR 2.1 million

Järvenpään Garden
Location: Järvenpää, Pajala
Completion date: March 2021
Apartments: 79
Fair value: some EUR 12.0 million
Development margin: 26%
Development profit: EUR 2.4 million

Espoon Kartanonlehto and Kartanonpiha
Location: Espoo, Miilukorpi
Completion date: June 2022
Apartments: 127
Fair value (estimate): some EUR 21.0 million
Development margin (estimate): 43%
Development profit (estimate): EUR 6.3 million

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